Create A Video

PellicolaOnce again, the possibilities here are limitless. Instead of writing your story or a poem, you can record your story. You can create a music video. You can create a video of your progress working on another project. You can create an education video. The possibilities are endless.

I plan on creating a dedicated YouTube channel for this project. Once you’ve created your video, please send me the file (zshare or some equivalent) and I will upload to this channel or you can choose to host the video yourself and send me the corresponding link. If you do choose to host it yourself, I would appreciate a copy of the file for the dedicated channel as well so that they are easy to find and in one location. Full credit will be given in the video information.

If you decide to participate in this project, please email me any associated media to Please try to have all finished projects into me by Midnight PDT on May 8 for the World Lupus Day update on May 10, and Midnight PDT on October 28 for Lupus Awareness Month updates.

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