Below you will find all of the videos submitted as part of the Create A Video Project to the Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery as well as links to find out more information about them.

All projects are ongoing with the new media being revealed May 10 of each year for World Lupus Day, and through October of each year for Lupus Awareness Month. To submit media for any project please email


World Lupus Day 2010

1000 Paper Butterflies by Bonnie B

Folding Butterfly 1 by JoAnn Abbott

Folding Butterfly 2 by JoAnn Abbott

Butterfly Kisses by Jules Sherred

Lucy In The Sky With Butterflies by Russ Rogers

Patient by Kevin Savino-Riker

Lupus Awareness Month 2010

World Lupus Month 2010 – Collected Photos

Skin Montage Background Video by Lisa Martens

Skin To Cell Video by Lisa Martens