It’s Time (Lupus) – Joe ‘Covenant’ Lamb


This song is written and performed by Joe ‘Covenant’ Lamb and submitted as part of the Create a Song project.

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It’s Time (Lupus)

You always say “It’s someone else” – but never say “It’s me”
If you cant do what must be done, – then how the hell can we?

It’s gotta come from everyone,
but no-one wants to know.
It’s never so important,
til you die.

There has to be a reason now – an answer to our plea,
we gotta take the time to find – a cure to this disease.

It’s gotta come from everyone,
but no-one wants to know .
Until they fall
never to return…

So all you gotta do is

take a look around you now
and help to do your part.
And try to make this world aware,
it’s tearing lives apart.

It’s gotta come from everyone
the hope we have in store.
We’ve won so many battles now
let’s fight a little more.
So we can show the end is near
we’ve strength to win this war
and its… time.

We gotta do what we can do
cos its… time.

If we can do it so can you
and its… time.

To say that Lupus can go screw
and its… time…

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