Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

lucy-in-the-sky-with-diamondsThis idea came from Russ Rogers after he read my crazy idea for World Lupus Day on my personal blog. I will take excerpts from an email he sent out to graphic artists explaining his idea:

Last year, Lucy Vodden passed away at the age of 46 after a long battle with the autoimmune disorder Lupus. Lucy Vodden had been a childhood friend of Julian Lennon’s and it was Julian’s picture of Lucy as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” that had inspired John Lennon to write the song.

Recently Julian Lennon and James Scott Cook generously donated 100% of the initial proceeds of their song “LUCY” to Lupus foundations.

I’ve grown up with the Beatles music. It feels like part of my DNA. I found it poetic, ironic and moving that the child who inspired the psychedelic freedom of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” would also have dealt with Lupus for much of her life.

So I was wondering if folks would like to honor the memory of Lucy Vodden with songs, stories, paintings, graphic art or other art inspired by the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”? These might be gathered together to celebrate World Lupus Day, which is May 10, 2010.

I know, that’s not that far away. This is all very short notice.

Right now, my plans are to just raise awareness of Lupus and Lucy Vodden. I don’t have any plans to auction off works of art. Nothing too major or complicated. No money is involved.

I do have a friend, Julia Sherred, who runs a website, and she came up with the idea of doing something grand to Honor World Lupus Day.

[…]It was my idea to tie in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds after hearing Julian Lennon’s song, “LUCY” and the story of Lucy Vodden.

[…] if you know other artists who might be interested in this idea, please pass it along. The idea is to create greater awareness of Lupus.

If you decide to participate in this project, please email me any associated media to Please try to have all finished projects into me by Midnight PDT on May 8 for the World Lupus Day update on May 10, and Midnight PDT on October 28 for Lupus Awareness Month updates.

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