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spartitoIf you are musically inclined, then I invite you to write a song about lupus. It would be nice (however, not necessary) if there was a butterfly theme to the song. If you choose to use the butterfly motif, this does not mean the song has to be literally about a butterfly. The rhythm could mimic the motion of a butterfly. The song could be allegorical or metaphorical. The song could be about the symptoms of Lupus represented as a butterfly. Or it could be something completely different. These are just basic guidelines to give you some ideas.

Once you are finished your song, please email me the mp3 to Please try to have all finished projects into me by Midnight PDT on May 8 for the World Lupus Day update on May 10, and Midnight PDT on October 28 for Lupus Awareness Month updates. If you have any further suggestions for song ideas or questions, please leave them in the comments or email me at the email address above.

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