Butterfly Curtains

CocoonThis idea was suggested by a lady named JoAnn when she read my crazy idea for World Lupus Day on my personal blog. Originally it was to be a butterfly quilt. But given time constraints, a quilt may be too ambitious of a project to attempt this year. Maybe next year. So instead of a quilt, JoAnn suggested that butterfly squares be made into curtain instead. I will use her words to describe this project:

I can put out a call to the crazy quilters, embroiderers and regular quilters groups that I am a part of for you if you would like, they are on line in google groups so there are a lot of possible connections. A butterfly quilt made of 12 donated blocks, each block different would probably auction off for a decent price as well.

Probably not time enough for a quilt, but if everyone was to send in 10-20-however many you can make I can make a “curtain” of them for you to display. Basically, 100 strings with 100 butterflies each hung from a curtain rod.

JoAnn has generously offered to create this “curtain” if people want to mail her their squares. Please email JoAnn at bubblemum@comcast.net and she will give you a mailing address for you to send your finished square to. She also suggested people may want to create video of this process including packaging up your butterflies and mailing them off. If you do this but lack the ability to edit video, you can email me your raw footage and I would be more than happy to create something from it.

Please email me any associated media to lupus@lupusartgallery.com. Please try to have all finished projects into me by Midnight PDT on May 8 for the World Lupus Day update on May 10, and Midnight PDT on October 28 for Lupus Awareness Month updates.

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  1. Hi everyone! If you want to make a butterfly/butterflies they should be about the size of your palm and can be made of paper, fabric, feathers, origami- whatever you want to use. If you have children in school, see if their class can make butterflies. I will start stringing them as soon as they arrive here! Thank you all.

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