Butterfly Kisses

Below you will links to all of the media submitted to the Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery for the Butterfly Kisses Project.

All projects are ongoing with the new media being revealed May 10 of each year for World Lupus Day, and through October of each year for Lupus Awareness Month. To submit media for any project please email lupus@lupusartgallery.com


World Lupus Day 2010

Butterfly Kisses by Jules Sherred

Butterfly Kisses by JoAnn Abbott

Butterfly Kisses by Tracy Williams

Butterfly Kisses by Jeni

Butterfly Kisses by Karl Johanson

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Lupus Awareness Month 2010

Collected Photographs in Video by Jules Sherred

Silver Dreams by Heather Miller

Lupus Kite by Carson Upton and Kathryn Slater

Butterfly Kisses by Ermelinda Cortes

Butterfly Kisses by Joyce Jicka

Flight of the Butterfly by Mark Wheatley

Jupiter Butterfly by Karl Johanson

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