Incognito No More

This project was suggested by Maria. Instead of paraphrasing, I’ll just copy and paste what she had to say:

Hi Julia!
It’s wonderful to see an option for us right-brained types to explore the creativity that lupus can inspire in us. We are often so overwhelmed with the left-brained, techinical and structural things that managing illness can require that we forget to feed our spirits…or refuel them. Thank you for offering up this opportunity.

I’ve been trying to get people to jump in with more visual and creative methods of coping all year. First one being along the lines of a “wordless Wednesday” caption entries and my latest one was inspired by Saul Steinberg’s word using paper bags. Here is the link to the post for your consideration: . Some people prefer the anonymity that the bags offer…I hope it simply gives them a chance to reflect their lupus with a little more input into how they want to share their experiences with others.

Wishing you the very best~

So the project is very simple:

  1. Grab a paper bag. Make sure it is paper and not plastic.
  2. Illustrate on them in, any fashion, to represent your invisible illness(es). You can list as many or as little of them as you choose.
  3. Take a picture.
  4. Submit the picture along with any accompanying story you’d like to share.

Once you are finished your paper bag, please email the accompanying media to Please try to have all finished projects into me by Midnight PDT on May 8 for the World Lupus Day update on May 10, and Midnight PDT on October 28 for Lupus Awareness Month updates. If you have any further suggestions for song ideas or questions, please leave them in the comments or email me at the email address above.

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