Twas’ The Night Of Benlysta Results by Laureen Copeland

5ad15e16675636dee1877ca69bcfc6dcThe following poem was written and submitted by Laureen Copeland as part of the Write A Poem project.

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Last December, after Human Genome Sciences had announced the results of two, positive clinical trials for Benlysta,  I got a creative whim.  I felt that since it’s been over 50 years since we Lupies have had a new drug approved, that it was appropriate.

It’s a Christmas holiday poem, that was done to the “tune” of “Twas’ the Night Before Christmas”.  I’m a member of a private investment group and actually posted it to the Yahoo finance board for Human Genome Sciences.  To my surprise, Human Genome contacted me and asked if it would be ok if they read it in their Executive Board meeting. I said, “sure – no problem!!!”  Well, Human Genome Sciences sent me a couple of “Team HGS” t-shirts and wrist bands from the DC Lupus walk last May.  I was so thrilled to receive them.  They are a very caring company, and I was very impressed by this kind gesture.

Twas’ The Night Of Benlysta Results

Twas’ the night of Benlysta results
and all through the Board,
There were Pumpers and Bashers
Too many, Oh Lord!

It was midnight, and look
As I screeched and I yelled,
The results were positive,
Wow, this is swell!!

HGSI gave me a gift,
and the trial a success
God help me now,
My health is a mess!

To all my friends here
I’m thankful for sure
As there are too many
who need a Lupus “cure”.

The Bashers are rude
and the number of them high,
they got their butt kicked
ha ha ha, watch them cry!

HGSI, is a Godsend
for many of us here,
But may the Good Lord bless them
while we all give them, a cheer!

Millions suffer from Lupus
and no treatment in decades,
But now, thanks to Genome
Our lives will not fade!

I thank all my friends
for your kind words and support,
It means the world to me
My emotions are so hard to sort!

MY posts have all
but diminished from sight
But, alas have no fear,
I’m up for a fight!

I’ll never give up
and I’ll never be lost
I will have Benlysta,
At whatever the cost!

We Lupies must fight
everyday of our lives,
but must we struggle,
with so many hives?

I pray that one day
I’ll wake up and feel good,
Until then I will cope
as I know, how I should.

I feel so alone,
and it’s unbearable at times
But thank you Lord
for the Lupies Online!

I couldn’t have lasted
without all of you here
So that is why
I send you all Holiday Cheer!

Benlysta is proof
that miracles, do happen
I couldn’t possibly ask for more,
This Holiday Season!

As I end this poem,
I want you to hear,
Merry Christmas to all
And have a Happy new Year!

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