Living With Lupus – A Podcast by Jules Sherred

As I was preparing for this project, people who were wanting to do something for it asked me questions about Lupus and how it affected me. This is not an easy question to answer. This project just so happens to coincide with a flare. I felt it important to answer these questions. After all, this whole thing is to raise awareness.

However, due to my flare, I was not able to answer them in type form. So I told people to email me their questions and I would do a podcast in order to attempt to answer them. Below you can listen to the podcast. You are also free to download here by right click – save as. I thought it appropriate to leave it here as part of the Share Your Story project.

The podcast is long. 2 hr 28 min 42 sec and 136 MB. The first 1 hr and 26 minutes or so, I talked about the physical faces of my lupus. The last hour and a bit, I talked about the emotional faces of my lupus. And it is certainly emotional. It is the most open and honest I have been in public about this part of my lupus.

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