Hey Butterfly – A Poem by JoAnn Abbott

5ad15e16675636dee1877ca69bcfc6dcThe following poem was written and submitted by JoAnn Abbott as part of the Write A Poem project.

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Hey Butterfly

Hey, butterfly

You sure look pretty today

Dancing from one flower to the next.

Can I ask you a question?

Did it hurt?

Back when your skin started to change.

Back when you knew things would never be the same.

Did it scare you?

When you had to hide in the dark, under that leaf, away from the sun?

Were you afraid of the dark, like I am?

I miss the sun.

Do you even remember what it was like back then?

Back when all you could do was hang on with your teeth and claws and hope you wouldn’t fall.

Back when your skin changed.

When your world changed.

When your life changed.

Were you afraid, butterfly?

I wonder if I will fly too.

You sure look pretty today.

I hope I fly.

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