Get Out Of Chores For Free by David Leigh

paint0003The following was submitted by Dave Leigh. I will use his words to explain:

Y’know, I’ve decided that just spreading awareness isn’t good enough. I want to do something tangible. So here’s my project for World Lupus Day. I mentioned above that my sister has lupus. So she’s getting some “get out of chores free” cards that she can use on a day when she’s just really not feeling up to it. Here’s a copy of the card, in case you want to use it to help out your own friends with lupus. Click on the card to make it bigger and print a copy (I made it fit on a 3×5 card at 300dpi, but you may need to scale it.

So here is the final product:

WLD_CardClick on the card to make it bigger. Dave made the card 3×5 at 300 dpi. You may need to scale it to your printer. He has also created a file with the original graphics, which you can download here, so that you can customize it. You’ll need GIMP to edit it (free download).

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