Butterfly – A Poem by Kevin Savino-Riker

5ad15e16675636dee1877ca69bcfc6dcThe following poem was written and submitted by Kevin Savino-Riker as part of the Write A Poem project.

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One thousand faces
but only one matters


The only one that affects me
is the one I see on those days
we never talk about
when you’re armored and
not-crying as hard as you can

facing off against one thousand enemies
a crutch in your sword hand
your steed is a chair
one you had to be set into
that may as well be strapped to you

and you charge anyway.

Waiting is just an invitation
to quit
you taught me this
though I disagree with the
difficulty of the lesson

you didn’t have to hurt
yourself so badly for me to
get the message
and I don’t want either of us
to learn any more

if this is how it happens.

The way you hurt
made you my hero
but I’d take you as
as just another ordinary
if it meant an end to this fight.

You bled on those thousand enemies
until it drowned them
you traded in your wheelchair
for rollerblades

You survived.

But I know you look out and still
see those thousand faces.

but I promise
if you look beyond them
you’ll see the thousand faces
of those who love you.

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